REDCOCO coconut chips CARAMEL 40g

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REDCOCO Coconut Chips are healthy fruit snack. They are delicious and rich in taste. The coconut chips are perfectly sweet and crispy! And all natural! Try this delicious CARAMEL flavour!

  • No trans-fat
  • Dried not fried!
  • Just coconut, sugar and salt. Really nothing else!
Many ways to enjoy:
  • As a delicious healthy snack
  • Just add cereals and milk for your breakfast
  • Add as a tropical ingredient to a salad
  • Add on top of an ice-cream or a cake
  • Add to snacks or as a bakery topping
  • Suitable as a party snack. Our chips make every party tastier, healthier and more fun!

Enjoy the healthy fruit snack! Taste the nature!